Hello, we're Noir


And we design beautiful things for accounting and bookkeeping firms. Starting in 2013 working with just a handful of accountancy practices, we now work with hundreds of firms all around the world, from the UK, Australia, Canada and the United States.


From branding to web design, print to UI development, we help accountants create a practice that stands out for all the right reasons. We love working with accountants and – not to brag – but they love us right back.

Where we work


From the start we've lived and worked in Chesterfield, England. But after years of looking at the same old Crooked Spire out of our office window we really fancied a change.


So in January 2017 we packed up our office and moved to Central America to work, dive, and try to master a foreign language. We are planning on coming back to England one day; we've just got a few more tequilas to try then we'll be straight home. Maybe.

About Steven


Steven Baldwin founded Noir in 2013 at the age of 22. After initially working with firms across many industries, Steven found that the businesses he was able to help most were in the accounting sector. So in 2014 he started working exclusively with accounting and bookkeeping firms.


Steven’s dream was always to run his business whilst travelling the world. And so after three years he left the UK to work, travel, dive and see as much of the world as possible. As of today, he’s still out there, most likely on a beach somewhere. But don’t worry, he always has his laptop with him and is more than happy to work on your project, margarita in hand.